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\(n\)-dimensional real space, Paragraph
\(n\)-tuple, Paragraph
chain rule, Paragraph
derivative at a point, Paragraph
differentiable at a point, Paragraph
dot product, Paragraph
inner product, Paragraph
Kronecker delta, Exercise
length of a vector, Exercise
linear combination, Paragraph
linear operator, Paragraph
linear transformation, Paragraph
linearity properties, Paragraph
matrix, Paragraph
matrix elements, Paragraph
matrix entries, Paragraph
matrix transposition, Paragraph
transpose of a matrix, Paragraph
multilinear function, Paragraph
norm 1 vector, Exercise
norm of a vector, Exercise
normalized vector, Exercise
scalar multiplication, Paragraph
standard basis vector, Paragraph
vector, Paragraph
vector addition, Paragraph
vector operations, Paragraph
scalar multiplication, Paragraph
vector addition, Paragraph
vector space, Paragraph
zero vector, Paragraph